About Us


Behran Oil Co. is the leading lubricant manufacturing company in Iran with dominant market share in terms of automotive and industrial lubricants, and also one of the top thirty worldwide lubricant manufacturing companies.
Initially on July 6th, 1962 the joint venture of Iranian group and Exxon was founded as a blending unit for producing motor Oil with ESSO trade mark in Tehran. In 1968 Base oil refinery with the production capacity of 30000 T/Y commissioned.
Throughout the years, number of different expansion and modification projects improve the quality as well as quantity of  base oil production to more than 220000 tons per year.
Manufacturing & Marketing of more than 300000 T/Y of different 900 products including automotive oils, industrial oils, greases, petroleum waxes, process oils,  engine coolants / antifreezes and furfural solvent in different packages  from  1 to 1000 liter
Production of Furfural solvent in Shushtar city as the only producer in west Asia since 2007 Leading private gas station network in Iran sine 1984
Behran initiated exporting its products in 1991 with the sales of paraffin wax and furfural extracts to international market such as Pakistan and Italy. Now with relying on its logistic abilities, Behran exports to more than 40 countries in 3 continents Europe, Asia and Africa. Export and import terminal in Imam Khomeini port with storage capacity of 25000 m with heating, loading and unloading facilities and rail way connection is one of the Behran’s advantages.  
Behran Oil Company has been progressively increasing its commitment in the field of lubricant production technology through considerable investment in research and development and its R&D department provides improvement in products quality and tailor-made Formulations according to market demand and high international standards.
Behran’s state of the art products give a high level of satisfaction to customers and meet or exceed the products quality, protection of environment and production in accordance with highest National and international standards and also is a ISO 9001, ISO  14001,  OHSAS 18001,  ISO  17025  and  ISO TS 16949 certified company.